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I'm Luke Murchison, a graduate of Base Camp Coding Academy. During my technical career I've worked on many small projects and have spoken to many groups about computer science. The one I enjoyed the most was a Hour of Code event I did with C-spire. I'm very passionate about helping others, whether that be by helping them with their code in some way, by teaching others or in a different capacity. I'm most interested in back-end development. I love the difference we can make and the great teamwork that comes from it. Some great hobbies of mine include board, card, and video games. I also love walking and being outside at dawn or night.


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ASCII art of a car


Car Chase Simulator

A Simulator in which you are trying to escape your foes. In the sim you can change speeds and make decisions that effect the outcome of the game. Random events occur that the player has to respond to, and depending on past actions some events will cause you more trouble

ASCII art of a car


CRUD Line Editor

In this Line Editor you can write code in any IDE, you can save, load, read by index, and backup your code. I plan to keep developing this program in the future. This was a group project.

Task Manager

Django, Python, HTML, CSS

OXP Job/Task Manager

OXP is a printing and paper goods small business. With an emphasis on larger or commercial Jobs. We crated a Job/Task manager for them to keep up with all the orders and and place to have a record.

Personal Finance App

Django, Python, HTML, CSS

Personal Finance App

This project was made in a group with the purpose of helping one keep track of spending and earring habits. As well as some stock options

ARC foundation project

Spring, Java, SQL, Thyimeleaf

CRUD app with database and relations

The A.R.C foundation needed a web app to help manage their operation. This included Anomalies, cells, and classifications, with these being related in the database.

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